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Current Moon Phase
Current Moon Phase
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A sampling of digital and webcam images taken by Robert Reeves

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Table of Contents

  • Creating long duration urban star trails
  • About Myself A brief biography.
  • A Camera Cluster for Meteor Photography.
  • A selection of my better meteor photographs
  • Schmidt Camera Repair, Collimation, and Focusing
  • Spanish translation of Schmidt repair procedures
  • In September, 2014 I delted much of the old and dated content of this website. My goal is make this website more oriented to lunar photography. As I slowly make this transsition, check back occasionally as I will be adding all the lunar content from my Facebook project called "365 Days of the Moon". This features a new lunar image I have taken, along with a description, uploaded from my image archive every day for a year.

    A liberal licence is granted for personal and non-profit use of the images and text displayed at the Website. This material may be used in items like non-profit astronomy club newsletters as long as it is properly credited, but commercial and for-profit reproduction is forbidden without my express permission.


    Asteroid 26591 has been named after me!

    In February 2010, I recieved a message from Rik Hill, a researcher with the Catalina Sky Survey in Tucson, Arizona, that main belt asteroid 26591, previously known by the discovery designation of 2000 ET141, had been offcially named asteroid Robertreeves (26591).
    Needless to say, I was both shocked and thrilled. Every astronomer dreams of such an honor and I can't believe it has happened to me!

    Asteroid names have to be one single word, thus the contraction of my first and last name is proper in this case.
    Asteroid Robertreeves resides between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter and is approximately 5.5 miles in diameter.

    Asteroid 26591 was originally discovered in 1981, then lost. It was rediscovered in 1998, then lost again. It was then rediscovered again in 2000, and, you guessed was lost again. Finally Rik Hill found it once more using the 30-inch Schmidt camera on Mt. Lemon and a definite orbit was established preventing the asteroid from being lost again.

    CLICK HERE to see a real time Java graphic of where asteroid Robertreeves is located relative to Earth.

    CLICK HERE to see a full size version of the naming certificate.

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    Adventures With Urban Long-Duration Star Trails

    A look at how you can use a digital camera to make super long-duration star trail images from an urban location that are better than any taken with a film camera at a dark sky location.

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    Introduction to Webcam Astrophotography

    Imaging the Universe with the amazing, affordable webacm

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    Collimation, Focus, Modification, and Use of the Celestron/Epoch Schmidt Camera

    New! Spanish translation of my Schmidt camera guide, courtesy of Fernando Paniaqua

    ¡ NUEVO ! Mi Guia De La Camara Schmidt Traducida Al ESPAÑOL, Cortesia De Fernando Paniagua

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