Classic Lunar Maria

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Mare Crisium
The Sea of Crises
560 kilometers wide
228,000 square kilometers

Maria Map

Mare Fecunditatis
The Sea of Fertility
840 kilometers wide
220,000 square kilometers


Mare Serenitatis
The Sea of Serenity
674 kilometers wide
353,400 square kilometers

Mare Tranquillitatis
The Sea of Tranquility
874 kilometers wide
436,000 square kilometers

Mare Nectaris
The Sea of Nectar
339 kilometers wide
84,100 square kilometers

Mare Vaporum
The Sea of Vapors
242 kilometers wide
32,400 square kilometers

Mare Frigoris
The Sea of Cold
1446 kilometers wide
320,000 square kilometers

Mare Imbrium
The Sea of Rain
1145 kilometers wide
1,130,000 square kilometers

Mare Nubium
The Sea of Clouds
715 kilometers wide
254,000 square kilometers

Mare Humorum
The Sea of Humidity
420 kilometers wide
84,500 square kilometers

Oceanus Procellarum
The Ocean of Storms
2592 kilometers (north-south)
1,692,000 square kilometers

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