For Sale:
Moon Large Format Imagers of the Moon

To demonstrate the quality and resolution of the images offered for sale,
Robert compares a photo taken through his Celestron 11 Edge HD (left photo)
to a plate from the famous Kuiper Lunar Atlas prepared using the finest
Earth-based photos of the Moon prior to the Apollo program. Note the Kuiper
Atlas plate is "upside down" as it was customaty in the early 1960's to
display lunar images with south up.

All images taken by Robert Reeves from the Perspective Observatory in central Texas using
either a Celestron-8, Celestron-11 Edge HD, or Sky-Watcher 180mm Maksutov telescope.
Cameras used were an Imaging Source DMK-41 monochrome or Celestron Skyris 274M, 132M, and 236M.

Lunar "art" prints up to 13 inches wide are printed on demand using heavy Canon semi-gloss 13 x 19-inch photo paper and are priced at

$40 each for single images
$35 each for 2 to 3 images
$30 each for 4 or more images
plus shipping costs

Prints larger than 13 inches wide are produced by a commercial printing company and require additional time for delivery.

Prices of prints larger than 13 inches wide are shown on their sample page.

Educational and outreach poster prices are shown on their order page listed below.


reeves10 (at) satx (dot) rr (dot) com

to order images by their title and arrange payment and shipping address.

Lunar "Art" Print for Sale

Order 13 x 19-inch borderless prints
Order large format prints of selected craters
Order large format prints of selected maria
Order large format prints of selected areas on the terminator
Order six-print wall decor set
Order ultra-wide multi-image montages

Lunar Posters for Education and Outreach

Order educational posters

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