Observatory Site Construction

Site wide view

A wide view of me on the construction site where the observatory slab was prepared. Since no concrete company would deliver readymix to this remote site at anything near a sane price, the slab was built the old fashioned way. My friend Ed Benson and I made our own concrete. We trucked in 10 bags of concrete powder, lugged two 55-gallon drums of water to the site in a pickup, then hand-dug six pickup truck loads of sand and gravel from a creekbed located about four miles away. The gasoline-powered cement mixer was a God-send borowed from Sides Water Well Drilling in nearby Medina, Texas.

Ed BensonSite top view
Ed Benson owns one of the ranches next door to the land where my
observatory was relocated. He is an enthusiastic amateur astronomer who
I met when he took one of my astronomy courses many years ago. His
help in moving and building the new observatory site was invaluable.
Ed looks over the completed concrete slab as he ponders why astronomy
is such hard work.

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