365 Days of the Moon--August 21, 2014

Hercules and Atlas at sunset

Here is another of the series of deep shadow terminator photos I took this last lunation. Similar to how deeply shadowed Fracastorius had me guessing a few days ago at what it was, it took me a few seconds to be assured this really was Hercules (left) and Atlas (right in deep shadow). Craters on the Moon are like human faces in that no two are like. But when you blur out the eyes, nose, and mouth in a picture with many faces, they all begin to look similar. It's the same with lunar craters if their interior is hidden in shadow, they look strikingly similar and I have to navigate by surrounding terrain. Though you can't see it in the shadow, Atlas is an Imbrian Epoch floor-fractured crater. Hercules is a younger Erastothenian Epoch crater that is surrounded by hundreds of small secondary craters strewn across the surrounding plains.

Image taken with a Celestron 11 Edge HD, 2.5X Powermate, and Skyris 274M camera.

Image Copyright Robert Reeves 2014

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