365 Days of the Moon -- August 10, 2014


      Fracastorius is an unsung crater with an unnerving name on the southern shore of Mare Nectaris. Like many large craters along the edge of a
      circular mare, Fracastorius' depressed northern rim allowed the lava flows that created Mare Nectar...is to spill into the crater, forming a
      horseshoe bay. The crater thus must have predated the lava flows that filled the Nectaris Basin, indicating it is an ancient Nectarian Epoch
      crater. To my eye, there is the barest hint of a central peak near the middle of Fracastorius. This shows the depth of the basalt within the
      crater must be at least a kilometer. I can find no reference to the name f the curved rille within Fracastorius, but by convention rilles are
      usually named after the most prominent nearby crater, thus I am assuming the rille is named after its parent crater.

Image taken with a Celestron 8, 2.5X Powermate, and DMK-41 monochrome camera.

Image copyright Robert Reeves 2014

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