365 Days of the Moon -- August 08, 2014

Mare Nubium, Hippalus Rilles, Bulialdus, Pitatus, Rima Hesiodus, Rupes Recta

      Here is a two-shot mosaic of the Mare Nubium area that I took last Tuesday evening. I like the Nubium region because in one view it shows
      samples of most of the geological features on the Moon. To the west you can see wrinkle ridges piled up on the mare plain. At center left 
      you can see the three Hippalus Rilles that opened up from stretching of the surface. To the right is Straight Wall, a graben where the land
      slumps between two faults. A number of ghost craters dot the mare plain as do good examples of complex craters with central peaks and terraced 
      walls and simple bowl-shaped craters. At the southern shore of Nubium lies the lava-flooded floor-fractured crater Pitatus. Just west of 
      the floor-fractured crater Pitatus is the small bulls eye-looking concentric crater Hesiodus A. The lengthy straight Hesiodus Rille extends to the 
      southwest from this area. Highlands and mountains lie to the southeast. There is something for everyone in the Nubium area.

Image taken through a Celestron 11 Edge HD and Skyris 274M camera.

Image copyright Robert Reeves 2014

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