365 Days of the Moon--August 07, 2014

Sinus Iridum sunrise, Imbrium wrinkle ridges

Tuesday evening I had another decent run on the Moon. The African dust was still here (my wife's black car looks gold!) and the seeing was worse than Sunday, but I could see four craterlets in Plato, my sign that conditions are good enough to image.

Today's view continues the theme of sunrise crossing Mare Imbrium. By Tuesday it had reached the western plains that merge into Oceanus Procellarum. The horseshoe bay of Sinus Iridum is just breaking into dawn's light. I like how I caught the western rim of Iridum just catching the first rays of sunrise. I am also pleased at how the wrinkle ridges on western Imbrium showed up. They look like frozen waves washing up on shore.

Image taken with a Celestron 11 Edge HD and Skyris 274M camera.

Image Copyright Robert Reeves 2014

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