365 Days of the Moon -- August 06, 2014

Imbrium sunrise, Alpine Valley, Cassini, Archimedes,Aristilus, and Autolycus

Wicked shadows! Last Sunday evening I was able to shoot the Moon for the first time in several months. The seeing wasn't great and we are under a haze of African dust that seems to have a special affinity for my wife's black car, but the ...shots turned out reasonably well. The seeing limited me to 2800mm focal length, or a "wide view", but I like the sunrise sweeping across Mare Imbium. I turned the image on its side to better fit Facebook. North is to the left. I enhanced the contrast along the terminator to bring up the shallow wrinkle ridges. I especially enjoy the starkness of the dagger-like shadows cast by the mountainous rim of the Imbrium Basin and the rim of Achimedes, the ringed dark-floored crater near the center. Sunrise casts a long shadow from these peaks, making them look more steep and sharp than they really are. The low sun also shows the streaks from the ground surge that spread out from Aristillus, the crater to the upper left of Archimedes.

Image taken through a Celestron 11 Edge HD with a Skyris 274M camera.

Image copyright Robert Reeves 2014

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