365 Days of the Moon -- August 04, 2014

Schickard, Wargintin, Naysmith, Phocylides

In a region filled with unusual lava-filled craters, massive Schickard stands out as stranger than its neighbors. Spanning 137 miles, Schickard is filled nearly to its rim with multi-hued basalts that beg for an explanation as to why portions are lighter than others. It is a stretch to imagine different ancient lava flows producing contrasting basalts, so thoughts turn to what modified the basalt fields after they solidified. One thought is lava flows occurring after a nearby event showered the region with ejecta. Subsequent lava flows buried the light-colored ejecta, leaving darker fresh basalt to create the contrasting surface.

Image taken through a Celestron 8 with a DMK-41 monochrome camera.

Image and content copyright Robert Reeves 2014

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